About Us

To turn the great ideas of entrepreneurs and industry experts into world-class commercial software applications

BostonLogix is an employee-owned company founded on the notion that great Commercial Software is the result of experience, expertise and an investment in building and retaining a well-trained, dedicated team of software professionals.
The BostonLogix development team has been working together for years developing and refining the model that is now the foundation of BostonLogix.
We hire the best talent in both the U.S. and India and continually invest in career development through education, high-contact with our partners, mentorship, and regular travel. BostonLogix builds strong teams and fosters a sense of pride and ownership in the products we build. BostonLogix has offices in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, California and India.


  • To turn the great ideas of entrepreneurs and industry experts into world-class commercial software applications


  • To accelerate the pace of software product innovation on a global scale.
  • To revolutionize the industries we serve by driving innovation through the application of software technology
  • To become the premier strategic software partner to the thought leaders of the industries we serve and to the investment community

Our Passion

  • The passion and skill of Industry Experts in each of our verticals.
  • Commercial Software Architecture, Design & Development.
  • Enterprise Application Expertise.
  • Start-Up Experience.


Founders Joseph McDermott (VP of Research) and Craig Piekarz (CEO) have been working together for the past 24 years. They have built and sold 2 successful commercial software companies and designed and built three full-scale, multi-national Commercial Enterprise Software Applications: Datalogix, International – Commercial ERP products CIMPRO and GEMMS (sold to Oracle Corporation). GEMMS has become the Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) Suite.Formation Systems, Inc.- Commercial PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) product – Optiva (sold to Infor). Optiva is now marketed as Optiva by Infor. Craig has worked with the rest of the BostonLogix Team since 2001, developing and refining a repeatable, reliable off-shore software development and delivery model at Fusion Technologies, Inc. With support from Fusion, Craig partnered with Joe McDermott and the rest of the team and launched BostonLogix as an independent, turn-key commercial software development firm in July, 2005.