Our Culture

BostonLogix assembles dedicated, highly-skilled teams of software professionals and invests in training, travel and our high-speed videoconferencing facilities to create a truly collaborative design and development environment.

BostonLogix provides me the opportunity to work collaboratively with clients to develop creative solutions in an innovative and fast growing industry. I'm supported, respected and rewarded based on my personal achievements and contribution to my team, client and company. Bostonlogix continuously challenges my skills and as a result have grown both personally and professionally.

Project ManagerBostonLogix Inc.

Being honest, determined, passionate and creative while staying organized is what I learned from and share with the BostonLogix team.. the best part is I am still learning.

Senior Software EngineerBostonLogix (India) Pvt. Ltd.

BostonLogix has a unique work environment that is marked by challenges, learning and fun. The exposure I received at BostonLogix is tremendous and helped me grow professionally. I am looking forward to more challenges and opportunities that would create value for both me and BostonLogix.

Associate Software EngineerBostonLogix (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Being part of the company since its inception, I had the opportunity to participate and experience a lot more of what goes into building a great company versus just being a developer in a big established company.

Senior Software EngineerBostonLogix (India) Pvt. Ltd.

While the financial packages, perquisites and added facilities are on par or sometimes better than other companies. It is the small, but needed gestures that we receive from BostonLogix team and management that makes a difference to our work life.

Product ManagerBostonLogix (India) Pvt. Ltd.