Joe McDermott

Joe McDermott

VP of Research

Joe brings a wealth of commercial software experience to BostonLogix having built two enterprise-class commercial software companies from the ground up in his more than 25 years in the industry. Before shifting his focus to software solutions, Joe was the creator of several industrial Chemical patents for process improvements.

Joe founded DataLogix International, Inc. As the company's chief scientist and architect, he designed two large-scale enterprise applications: CIMPRO and GEMMS. CIMPRO was successfully deployed in more than 700 Food, Beverage, and Chemical processing plants in at least 30 countries around the world yielding improvements in inventory, production scheduling and capacity planning. GEMMS was designed for companies with > 1 Billion in revenue. Datalogix and the GEMMS product were acquired by Oracle Corp. Oracle sells GEMMS as the Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) Suite to Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech firms.

After the sale of Datalogix to Oracle, Joe founded Formation Systems, Inc. to bring increased accuracy and efficiency to the product development cycle. Using his chemistry training, Joe, together with Craig Piekarz architected an innovative laboratory data management, analysis, and workflow system. This PLM solution, OPTIVA, is in use in 40 countries. It manages the new product development cycle in prominent companies such as Coca Cola, General Electric and Campbell's Soup.

Joe holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Chemistry from Boston College. He has served on the boards of directors of these high tech startups and was actively involved in raising 60 million dollars in venture funding over a 15 year period. In addition to being a seasoned entrepreneur and experienced executive, Joe is ruthless in his architectural oversight of BostonLogix well crafted software.