Our Unique Approach to Partnering

With our combined experience, expertise and methodology, BostonLogix is uniquely positioned to bring a variety of new software products and add-ons to market quickly. This enables our partner companies to focus on Marketing, Selling and delivering services around their products. Partnering with BostonLogix also takes the risk out of the development process for our customers and their investors.

Long-Term Partnerships

BostonLogix invests in building long-term partnerships with our clients. We bring a wealth of experience to the table when needed during design and development phases, then scale back between development initiatives to a more cost-effective maintenance team structure. The knowledge investment is preserved and efficiency is maintained.

Our model has proven to be highly scalable and repeatable. It produces high quality results, a motivated and highly-skilled BostonLogix staff, and most importantly, satisfied partners.

Our Offshore Development model

The BostonLogix development team has been working together for the past 4 years developing and refining the model that has now become the foundation of BostonLogix. We hire the best talent in both the U.S. and India and continually invest in education through high-contact, mentorship, and regular travel. BostonLogix builds strong teams and through a variety of incentives, fosters a sense of pride and ownership in the products they build. This approach allows the team to be far more productive and deliver significantly higher quality than traditional ‘over-the-wall’ off-shoring. .

Our Unique Approach to Partnering, Our Offshore Development model