BostonLogix has an established team structure and process to deliver on the full lifecycle of software development. While we can also provide point solutions for companies that find they only need assistance in one area, we reserve the right to validate design and QA controls prior to taking on any coding assignment.


Building any product is a multi-phase endeavor that requires cohesive leadership throughout the process. BostonLogix has qualified Project Managers, QA Managers, Team Leads and Build Managers to help direct and coordinate each and every aspect of the development process.

Requirements Gathering

Whether you’re trying to determine what features to include in your product or struggling to document the business knowledge that needs to be incorporated in your design, BostonLogix can provide certified JAD facilitators and qualified Business Analysts to get your requirements identified and documented properly.


The right combination of a solid technical design and intuitive user interface are critical for the success of any software product. A great technical design will never get used if it is supporting a poorly designed user interface, and the most user friendly interface will quickly become dysfunctional without the proper foundation supporting it. BostonLogix has the experience in both aspects of design to help you create the right marriage of form and function.


It’s not about the solo genius coding in his basement anymore. It’s about a team of Software Engineers working remotely, effectively communicating and coordinating coding tasks with teammates around the world. It’s about multiple environments, source control, hosted servers, build management and code migrations. At BostonLogix, our engineers have experience communicating across team rooms and across continents with the same level of effectiveness, it’s who we are, and what we do.


Quality Assurance does not begin when the coding is complete – it begins with validation of the requirements and design to the operation model. Validation of the requirements, through independent interpretation of the requirements by the software engineers and the QA analysts ensures a quality result. BostonLogix can guide you through all the steps and controls you need to ensure the quality of your product.

Packaging / Delivery

How you plan on deploying your application will impact the architecture and design; whether you’re deploying through an ASP Model, delivering CD’s, or offering online downloads this needs to be a part of the initial planning phase. BostonLogix works with our clients to establish the most appropriate deployment options and designs accordingly.

Multiple environments, source control, hosted servers, build management and code migrations.